Teton Valley resort provides a wide variety of exciting outdoor activities. Check out the schedule and descriptions below.





This lake is a treat that locals have been keeping mainly to themselves for years. We will begin with a 45-minute drive first through rolling foothills and then pine forest to Palisades Lake. Upon arriving at the lake, nestled in the Big Hole Mountains, we will load onto kayaks and begin our tour. During the trip, you can focus on taking in the scenery while an Adventure Guide takes photos of your tour. After exploring for 1.5-2 hours we will load back into the van and take in the view as we drive back to the Teton Valley Resort.


Very few rock climbing areas exist like the one you will experience. Heise Rock gives you areas to climb that are only 30 feet from your car and the climbing rock is in a green grassy park with picnic tables.

From the Resort, we will drive to Heise Rock along the Snake River. Heise will be our base of operations as we set up rock climbs on both sides of the rock. Your guide will outfit you with a harness, shoes, helmet, and belay device before teaching you the basics of the gear, rock climbing and belaying. You will get the unique opportunity of choosing between a variety of climbs ranging from easy to moderate in a safe, controlled environment. After climbing a few different climbs, and once your arms are thoroughly “pumped”, we will head back to the Teton Valley Resort.


Usually, spectacular views require hours of strenuous climbing to attain them, that’s not the case with this scenic hike. After a 35-minute drive to Grand Targhee Resort, we will ride a chairlift more than 2,000 feet up Fred’s Mountain. From the 9,862-foot-tall summit, you will be able to look into Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. What’s more, you will be treated to unsurpassed views of the Teton Range, not to mention the Grand Teton itself.

Once on the top of the mountain, we will embark on a leisurely walk to an overlook and then continue on a loop hike that will take about 45 minutes.
All along the way, our Adventure Guide employee will be taking photos of your trip so your friends back home can see what the Idaho side of the
Tetons looks like. We will then load back onto the chairlift at the summit and ride down to the base of the mountain, enjoying the views all the way down
before driving back to the Teton Valley Resort. We should arrive back at Teton Valley Resort before noon.


Do you want to get to know the town of Jackson itself, as well as the natural beauty that surrounds it? This day will do that for you. The first stop is Snow King Mountain where we will take the scenic chairlift up 1,571 feet to the summit of Snow King Mountain. At the top, we will get to take in the 360-degree views of the Tetons, the Gros Ventre range, the Wyoming range and the Snake River Mountain Range on a large deck where we will eat our lunches.

After enjoying lunch, we will take in more Teton views on our way down. Next, we will go to the historic town square to shop, visit art galleries and have free time for an hour. Make sure to check out the famous elk-antler arches in the square. Once you’ve soaked up Jackson, we will drive north of town about 17 miles into Grand Teton National Park to Schwabacher Landing, a spot along the Snake River with unbeatable Teton views. Time permitting, we will head over to one of the original homesteaded areas of Jackson Hole, named Mormon Row. After this, we will head back to the Teton Valley Resort.


Known worldwide for its fly fishing, a float down the Teton River offers a unique way to experience Teton Valley. We will drive to the Teton River and launch into the river with our kayaks and stand up paddle boards. With views of the Teton Mountains and ample wildlife, the Teton River is something the whole family can enjoy. The float should take between 1.5-2 hours to the next boat dock downstream. Near the take-out, our Adventure Guides will take complimentary photos of you paddling on the river. Once you arrive at the boat dock, our guides will help you load up the equipment into the van and take you back to Teton Valley Resort.


Teton Valley is great habitat for all sorts of wildlife, including birds, and getting to know them is a great way to get to know the valley itself. Early in the morning, we will drive to a unique bird-watching area in Teton Valley. This trip hits different spots in the valley during the year, to make sure you get the best birdwatching experience. Also, to help ensure you get the most out of your time, we provide binoculars for each participant and our experienced guides will help you identify the different species that call the valley home.


Discover the wonder of Old Faithful, the beauty of Yellowstone Lake, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone on your full-day tour through the Lower Loop of Yellowstone! Other features of this tour will include a visit to the Old Faithful Inn and numerous wildlife viewing opportunities (grizzly and black bear, wolves, bison, elk, mule deer, eagles) with our high-quality optics.


Journey down the class II-III Snake River with stunning canyon scenery, calm stretches, and fun rapids. Experience the two biggest waves on the river, Big Kahuna, and Lunch Counter. Your guide will teach you how to sit, paddle, and stroke as you laugh your way down the Snake!

Come stay with us and experience some of the fun for you and your family at Teton Valley Resort.