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Our team of local guides want to make your stay at Teton Valley Resort a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We're happy to book the following activities and tours for you during the winter season.

Free shuttle to Grand Targhee Resort included with your stay.


Our team of local tour guides want to make your stay at Teton Valley Resort a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We're happy to book the following tours for you during the fall and winter season.

Yellowstone Experience

Discover the wonder of Old Faithful, the beauty of Yellowstone Lake, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone on your full-day tour through the Lower Loop of Yellowstone! Other features of this tour will include a visit to the Old Faithful Inn and numerous wildlife viewing opportunities (grizzly and black bear, wolves, bison, elk, mule deer, eagles) with our high-quality optics. This experience is available until Yellowstone closes the West Entrance, which occurs around November 6th.

Jackson Hole / Grand Teton Experience

Discover Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National park with an experienced guide. In the winter time, we will get to take in the 360-degree views of the Tetons, the Gros Ventre range, the Wyoming range, and the Snake River Mountain Range as they are blanketed in snow. Our guide will take you to the best locations for scenery and wildlife viewing in the Tetons, and will do all the work of driving while you are able to sit back and enjoy the views. Lunch is provided on this tour. Offered year round!

Dog Sledding

Take a dog sled ride and tour the scenic wintery wonderland. Join us for the trip of a lifetime with an experienced veteran guide with his personal team of dogs. Experience getting to meet the dogs and learn about the unique bloodline and heritage of Greenland Huskies. Enjoy the scenery and the crisp mountain air while being pulled in the sled by the dogsled team. Weather dependent, this will be available mid-Dec through March.

Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride

Imagine taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride among an elk herd numbering in the thousands at the National Elk Refuge. Such an experience is possible between mid-December and early April. Our experienced guide will take you over the Teton Pass offering interpretation along the way and will take you to the National Elk Refuge, allowing a unique wildlife viewing experience and an incredible opportunity for photography.


If you want to experience the mountain scenery in a truly unique way, take a guided snowshoe tour with our experienced guides. This experience will be available from December until April.
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